Review from Patricia Anderson

I want to share something at MyBKExperience, I went to the Burger King in 14893 4th Ave S.W. Burien Washington 98166 It says Seattle but is really in Burien WA. My son and I stopped in to get 2 Original Chicken sandwiches and went through the drive-through. Now it was not overly busy. Well we specifically asked them to leave the lettuce off because we were driving home before eating the food. we asked for pickles, tomato etc.

All to be put on the side. 1.No tomatoes,pickles and the lettuce was on the HOT! chicken sandwich. when we got home we had to Scrape! the cooked lettuce off the sandwiches WE HAVE PHOTOS OF THE DISGUSTING LETTUCE! I will not be going through that drive through again. If and that’s if I go there again I will inspect fully the product and make sure it’s done correctly.

The food sucked. last week we went there and the people that time did put the lettuce separate which is infinitely better. The y gave us at that other time 10 STICKY packs of Ketchup! Both times they had us pull around and wait for the person to come out with the food. this time my son had to go in and ask them to expedite the order. Not sure if I will go back there MacDonalds is calling my name now!

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