Important Feedback from Chantel Borron

This is the first time review by Chantel Borron at MyBKExperience.

So my husband and I just went through the drive-thru at the Burger King on the corner of Lincoln and Yellowstone in Idaho Falls…. We get to the window and pay the lady hands us our food and says have a great day… Well I double check the order and we’ll everything we ordered wasn’t in the bag so we sit trying to get the lady’s attention, meanwhile, I’m looking for the receipt to make sure she charged us for everything, and it’s nowhere to be found.

She finally comes to the window and asks us what we need we tell her one if the sandwichs isn’t in the bag she proceeds to tell us she did not hear us say that we wanted that sandwich and walks away to get one… After she comes back I mention the little note that’s on the window that says “if we fail to give you a receipt then your meal is free.”

Apparently, that is just a joke cause we had to sit there after she tried to send us away and wait for another sandwich and ask her for a receipt when I mention the note on the window and she just looks at us and shuts the window. Talk about great customer service huh??

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